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Name City Occuption Email Institution Country Additional Information Interest
Aditya Manna Purba Medinipur Palliative care volunteer NARIKELDAHA PRAYAS India I am interested to jointly work in palliative care. Palliative care research & international volunteering
Vilbert Vallance Bangalore, India Palliative Care Counselor/Chaplain Baptist hospital, bangalore India I am serving as chaplain/counselor with Rural Palliative Care Team, in Baptist Hospital, Bangalore, India. my heart goes for these helpless, uneducated people who go through such an emotional,physical even spiritual pain like to be part of this network so that we can share our skills thanks vilbert Research in psychosocial and spiritual issues , eager to interact and learn new skills from others
Ambreen Bonnet Houston Community Health Worker Public Health USA I want to form a coalition to break the silos in the healthcare arena and promote a collaborative forum to bring together healthcare professionals across the continuum of care by providing education and certification programs for Community Health Workers to enhance their knowledge in palliative care setting. My goal is to especially facilitate improved health care access and quality for underserved populations through advocacy and care coordination. Palliative Care /Supportive Medicine/Holistic Care Interests: - quality of access to palliative care across regions - expansion of palliative care to those with incurable/chronic illness - educational commitment to Community Health education in palliative care
Shahinur Kabir, MPH,Dip Pall Med Dhaka Palliative Physician Hospice Bangladesh Bangladesh i am interesting conducting research in Palliative Care Research, elder care, end of life care
Krishna Roy Munshiganj Community Pharmacist and Research Coordinator Touching Souls International Palliative Care Centre Bangladesh Hi, I am interested in research in the field of palliative care, community based palliative care, clinical palliative care
EM van Heerden, MD GEORGE Radiation Oncologist GVI Oncology South Africa I am interested in promoting supportive and palliative care in the oncology community/ to promote knowledge of and access to supportive care services amongst cancer patients. Supportive and Palliative Care; Oncology